In this episode you will hear three interviews with:

Ewa Henry- Dawson, head of the Canada Team of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, about this year’s 29th annual campaign in Canada, pandemic-style.  

Irene Tomaszewski, a Canadian writer, editor and translator of Polish descent living in Ottawa, for many years the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Review, an online English-language magazine on Polish culture, established in 2008. We talk about Bogumił W.Andrzejewski, a Polish linguist and his connection to Somalia.

Pola Janowska and Mery (Marysia) Grupinska, two Polish high school students, actively involved in Global Awareness Movement (GAM), an initiative created by young people from Poland, developed and managed entirely by its young inventors, with mentorship of Jola Kulik from Young Talent Management.