POLcast episode 42

April 29, 2017

In this episode you will hear:

• How a young German sees the complicated relationship between Germany and Poland - the past and the present (part 1).

• How it is possible to master the "impossibly difficult" Polish language when you are British,

• How to travel the world with a young child and have extra fun.


• Johannes Schneider - a German, born and educated in Germany, who also lived for a number of years in Austria, now a Canadian, talks about his native country's troubled past - WWII and its relationship with Poland (part 1 of the interview),

Richard Washington - a Brit, who has lived and worked in Poland for nearly 7 years, fully fluent in Polish, talks about his adventure of learning Polish,

• Sergiusz Pinkwart - a journalist, blogger, author and passionate traveller, specializing in travelling with a child and writing about it with his wife.

Also in this episode:

• POLcast's 1st Birthday - our summary

• Roberto, a Maltese radio journalist working in Poland, talks about his experience of living in Poland

• “Smacznego! Eating Polish” -  apple raisin cake

• Leonard Cohen in Polish.

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