POLcast episode 44

June 24, 2017

In this episode you will hear:


Marek Probosz - a Polish success story in Hollywood, where he came for a short visit in 1987 as a big Easter European star - film, television and stage actor in his native Poland with more than 50 starring roles  and numerous awards, known across Eastern Europe as the “De Niro of Poland”(part 1 of the interview),

John Godson - the first black man in Polish Parliament. He moved from Nigeria to Poland in 1993 and in 2001 received Polish citizenship. A minister, missionary, academic, politician, actor, teacher, businessman, he was first a city councillor in Lodz and then became a member of Parliament.

• A bicultural Polish-Indian family living in Canada.


• A brief (and brilliant) history of Poland by Dr. Walter Perchal, York University, Toronto.

Also in this episode:

• Differences between a normal friend and a Polish friend

• "Smacznego! Eating Polish" - Polish hamburgers "kotlety siekane"

• Updates: Bart Soroczyński, Ola Turkiewicz and Ron Davis

• An interesting Polish music connection.