POLcast episode 61

February 10, 2019

In this episode you will hear:


• If you cannot buy it – make it yourself: a story of Kannuk vodka

Imagine that you go to a store and want to buy something special as a gift – well, you cannot because it’s simply not available. 99.9 per cent of people would simply leave saying: “too bad. I wish they produced it” and go buy something else. But not Adam Szymkow…

• The world’s largest orchestra “plays” for sick kids

This year for the 27th time, Poland’s largest fundraising campaign – the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, which collects money for medical equipment for Polish paediatric hospitals – has “played” in Poland and dozens of countries, including Canada. Every year the fundraising drive ends in a grand finale concert – ours was held at the Fregata Restaurant in Mississauga.

• Great Poles – Zbigniew Religa, a legendary cardiologist

• Smacznego! Eating Polish – bigos